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Urgent Calais appeal

Anoborderer | 17.10.2009 14:58 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression

Urgently needed:
Blankets, Sleeping bags , warm clothes (especially winter jackets and water proofs), mens shoes, tents, money, tarpaulin, rope, tools

Hundreds of refugees and migrants, many of whom are under 18 are sleeping out in the cold weather in Calais; with no shelter, no blankets, nothing. This is the result of the French Immigration minister Besson's policy of destroying the migrants camps together with the peoples few possessions. New shelters are destroyed as well, and squat evicted. People sleeping under bridges have had their blankets confiscated or sprayed with chemicals so they cannot be used anymore.

The associations and charities cannot cope with such a humanitarian catastrophe. Activists have been working in solidarity with those without papers, and do not want to replicate the work of charities, or spend our energies trying to minimise the damage done by the state. We want to take political action and call for all to provide support in whatever way they can. Donate, come to Calais, take action in your local area; for more information email

This is a real emergency.... the weather has turned and the state has escalated it's repressive regime on those without papers.

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