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Calais quick update

one of no borders | 09.10.2009 15:34 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression

Destruction of migrants' camp and squats continues

Sorry I haven't been able to write much but things being very hectic here in Calais since the destruction of the Pashto jungle. I was hoping they stop the destruction after that, at least for a while but unfortunately that was not the case, one after the other all the other refugee camps and squats are being destroyed, the Hazara jungle, the Iranian jungle (situated where the no borders camp was), the Eritrean squat, the Sudanese camp and the other day the camps at Paul Devot hangar were destroyed, in the docks area. The procedure is always the same police arrive en masse and arrest everybody, after that the diggers arrive and the migrants' shelters are destroyed with whatever few possessions the people had, the people arrested are released after a few hours and return in the streets with nothing, no blankets, no shelter, no warm clothes, no place to go to. Salam and other charities are providing blankets and clothes, we lucky we had all the stuff from climate camp to fill up shortages of sleeping bags and tents but more supplies are needed people are sleeping everywhere and has been raining a lot, under bridges, in parks and woods, by the side of the road but the police go and arrest them at all time day and night so they can never sleep. The plan is obviously to make life so unbearable for the migrants that they eventually leave Calais. People are already traumatized, coming from Afghanistan, Sudan (mostly Darfur) Palestine (Gaza), Iran, Iraq, Eritrea, Ethiopia. Many unaccompanied minors are in this situation. Solidarity in every form and shape is most appreciated. More people on the ground are needed, please get down if you can it is not dangerous for us and you will get support accommodation and 'training', just bear in mind if you are stopped by police without a photo ID you can be taken to police station for identification. If you are coming contact Calais Migrant Solidarity on 0033 634810710

one of no borders