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Eugenics in the Truth Movement

Caz | 07.10.2009 12:48 | Education | Globalisation | Cambridge | Oxford

'We are Change' Sydney shows the film 'Generation Rx' by Kevin Miller. Kevin Miller's blog cites people who implement 'Gifted and Talented' social networking, indicating a leaning towards the IQ eugenics 'Gifted and Talented' programmes'

Eugenics in the Truth Movement

'We are Change' feels it appropriate to show the film 'Generation Rx' by Kevin Miller.

Kevin Miller, according to his blog:

Kevin P. Miller is an international award winning Writer, Producer and Director whose films KIDS IN CRISIS, LET TRUTH BE THE BIAS, THE PROMISED LAND, and more have won him numerous international Film and Television awards.

However, it has been difficult to find any reference to the film 'The Promised Land' on the internet.

On further reading of this page on Kevin Miller's blog one finds the following:

THEY FOUGHT THE ENEMY through the jungles of Vietnam, ducking gunfire, spending sleepless nights and avoiding death, only to be caught in the tripwires and booby traps set by society here at home. I see the faces of America’s war heroes living on the streets of every major city I travel to. They were soldiers who were proud to serve...proud to fight for a way of life here in the Promised Land.

There is no truth in this, and anyone who has done any research at all into the 'truth' of what went on in Vietnam would known this is the case.

However, those at 'We Are Change' Sydney, Australia, don't seem to have noticed, and are promoting Kevin Miller's film 'Generation Rx'.

Also, on the Kevin Miller blog you find:

showing a short video by Wan Qi Kim, whose credentials are listed as:

'Wan-Qi Kim is a Venture Capitalist, Founder of a Social Network for Gifted and Talented Students'

There are serious concerns that the 'Gifted and Talented' programme in schools is promoting a eugenics IQ programme which divides the schools' population into IQ groupings; alarm bells should go off with respect to this as Nazi Germany did the same.
Eugenics: The term eugenics was coined by a quantitative geneticist, Francis Galton, in 1883, well before the rediscovery of Mendel, and at a time when "blending" theories of heredity were still quite popular. The basic concept was based on Darwinian evolutionary theory and the assumption that the human species could be improved by encouraging higher levels of reproduction among the gifted and talented (positive eugenics) and restricting reproduction of individuals displaying less favorable characteristics (negative eugenics).
While those laws have been repealed, the impact of eugenics on public education was more enduring. Eugenic ideology worked its way into the educational reform movements of the 1910s and 20s, playing a key role in teacher training, curriculum development, and school organization. It also provided the guiding ideology behind the first IQ tests. Those tests were used to track students into separate and unequal education courses, establish the first gifted and talented programs, and promote the idea that educational standards could be measured through single-numbered scores. Eugenic ideas about the intellectual worth of students penetrated deeply into the fabric of American education.
White (2006) recently launched a stinging attack on gifted and talented education seeing it as in a direct line of descent from Galton’s (1978) theories of eugenics. White suggests gifted and talented is based on the idea that some children are better than others with the old notions of belonging to a genetic elite, and them needing to be identified and rescued from general education
Individuals were assessed using IQ tests like the Stanford-Binet. This posed a problem to new immigrants arriving in Canada, as many had not mastered the English language, and often their scores denoted them as having impaired intellectual functioning. As a result, many of those sterilized under the Sexual Sterilization Act were immigrants who were unfairly categorized.

IQ testing and Nazi eugenics:

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