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Next One Leather Campaign Kicks Off With Demo's

West Yorkshire Animal Rights | 05.10.2009 17:26 | Animal Liberation


Today, to kick off the new campaign to stop Next One Leather stocking real fur, activists held a noisy demonstration at their shop in the Leeds Shopping Plaza. Upon arriving at the top floor, a banner was held across the front of the store and activists shouted about what NOL were involved in. The owner immediately called security through their direct line, however when they arrived the shouting continued despite them trying to pull the banner off protestors. Activists were then pushed down the esculator, followed by one guard and whilst they were distracted campaigners ran back up the other esculator much to the panic of the guards. A scene was most certainly created, drawing attention to Next One Leather and their dirty dealings in animal cruelty.

Next we payed a visit to the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Yorkshire offices, RBS are a key supplier to Next One Leather by offering banking facilities. A banner was held outside and the megaphone was used to great effect, letting everybody around know that RBS were backing the fur trade. One of the main managers came out and talked to activists and phoned through to the Head Office to let them know we were there and why. As staff left, they were given leaflets detailing RBS’ involvement in animal cruelty and many were supportive despite them being told not to take any information!

This is just our first of many protests against both Next One Leather, RBS and any other company who prop up the fur trade, we will most certainly be holding more demo’s this week until NOL make the ethical decision and remove all fur from sale.

West Yorkshire Animal Rights
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