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Focused Campaign Launched to Stop Next One Leather Selling Fur

West Yorkshire Animal Rights Group | 05.10.2009 14:05 | Animal Liberation

Following the success of our ‘It’s a Knock Out’ campaign to stop shops selling real fur in West Yorkshire, 5 companies removed all real fur from sale leaving only one left. As a result, we have launched a new campaign specifically aimed at stopping Next One Leather selling real fur.

Next One Leather has been protested against over the past four years, however these have not been regular or focused. This campaign aims to hold regular demonstrations against Next One Leather and those who are keeping them in business, until all fur is permanently removed from the store. In the past, shops who have not ceased to stock real fur have been campaigned against until they lose so much custom they are forced to close down (for example Wampum, Seasons Boutique and more) and this is most certainly the case with NOL.


Please contact Next One Leather and ask them to stop selling real fur:

Level 2, Unit 7,
Leeds Shopping Plaza,
Leeds, LS1 5ER
Tel: 0113 2430025
Ismet Keles is the owner of the shop

West Yorkshire Animal Rights Group
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Not completely sure I understand this

05.10.2009 20:15

You don't need to agree with the anti-fur campaign to understand that some people strongly object to the use of animal parts for clothing on ethical grounds. But this one has me a bit puzzled. The objection is to the HAIR being left on? Not objecting to the the skins if the hair has been removed?

Isn't everything that a "leather goods" might sell objectionable?


re: MDN - one word - tactics

05.10.2009 21:34




06.10.2009 09:30

It's called tactics, the fur trade can be stopped through demo's because every animal killed for its fur is done so for this sole purpose and thus their lives can be saved directly by shops no longer selling fur.

Leather is, however, a by-product of the meat industry and animals will still be killed as long as people eat them, even if there is no demand for their skins. The leather will be incinerated, binned or whatever but no lives will be saved. Leather and the meat industry need to be tackled at the same time, ie by people going veggie or vegan.

Next One Leather, according to the website, are having a bad time financially so no doubt as a result of these actions they may have to close down if they are too ignorant to stop their sale of fur.

Think about things logically before jumping to conclusions.