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“Still Not Loving Police - Still Not Loving Tories”

Manchester No Borders | 04.10.2009 20:31 | Repression | Social Struggles | Liverpool

30 people picketed the entrance to Manchester Town Hall and leafletted top cops from around the country as ACPO members and senior Tories met to discuss policing strategies.

With banners, placards and speech bubbles, the group from Manchester No Borders said: Still Not Loving Police, Still Not Loving Tories - as they returned to the place where they had previously embarrassed council leader Richard Leese with a mountain of jumpers: see

A large police presence wa nearby with some ten vans and 8 horses in Albert Square. Evidence gatherers also showed up for a while.

On Sunday evening, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) held a conference fringe meeting with shadow home secretary Chris Grayling MP in Manchester Town Hall. (Grayling was also the guy who compared Moss Side to The Wire, see

Outside, anti-authoritarian protesters held their own rally, and warned that a Conservative government could bring clashes with police not seen since the miner’s strike and the poll tax riots.

Fittingly, the country’s senior police officers were discussing strategies on “how to build public confidence in policing” after the criticisms they received over their use of stop and search powers, their handling of football matches and environmental protests, and the killings of Jean Charles de Menezes and Ian Tomlinson.

We maintain that this will be an impossible task to achieve under a new Conservative government. Have we really forgotten the policing of the miner’s strike and the poll tax riots?

As we see it, the police does not serve to protect communitites. It serves to protect the government of the time and to squash dissent against unpopular policies. And under the Tories there will be a lot more of these.

We are specifically thinking of home evictions, lay-offs and welfare cuts. All these will bring more protest, and if the police step in, resistance.

Manchester No Borders
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going to be suppressed for this but....

05.10.2009 08:00

In my area of London the stop and search thing has led to the feral gangs of kids buggering off and less people getting stabbed.

Sorry I know it is evil and wrong to say that the cops do anything right but the proof is right here.



05.10.2009 08:18

You could always try voting to keep them out...


Anon,not exactly

05.10.2009 09:34

dealing with the social problem that has been facing teenagers for half a century. Boredom,no direction,nihilisim. All high profile,zero tolerance seems to acheive is moving on the problem to another area,someone else`s problem. I can`t exactly see them joining the volunteer police cadets.

Winston Smith

Who you going to vote for then?

05.10.2009 12:57


Now admit it, you voted for them didn't you? You were all excited about Tony Blair and it was going to be the dawn of a bright new era wasn't it? It's the likes of you we have to blame for the ID card plans and an 82 year old getting thrown out of a party conference for heckling using anti-terrorist legislation.



05.10.2009 13:37

I did not vote Labour at the last election, nor several before. If you don't like the choices, perhaps you should stand yourself, rather than complaining about the lack of choice. Oh, but wait, you will never be elected, because those who support your views don't bother voting. You are your own worst enemy.