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WYAR Update - 2 Fur Shops Down, Next One to Go?

West Yorkshire Animal Rights Group | 01.10.2009 16:24 | Animal Liberation

WYAR Update - 2 Fur Shops Down, Next One to Go?

Accent Clothing Remove Fur

In 2007 Accent Clothing removed all fur from sale following a single protest outside their store, however our store detectors found that they had a number of Belstaff rabbit trimmed jackets on sale.

We are now aware that these have been permanently taken off sale and as such we are now calling off the planned demonstration at the store, which was due to be held tomorrow.

Many thanks to everybody who contacted them in complaint. This now leaves only one target, Next One Leather, in our It’s A Knock Out anti-fur campaign.


TK Maxx Remove Fur - Check Your Local Store
TK Maxx issued a fur-free policy to CAFT stating “We don’t sell any fur products and this does include rabbit fur”, however we have been alerted that a number of stores have had real fur on sale due to it being bought in from suppliers by mistake.

The Leeds store had a singular coyote trimmed jacket on sale, however this has now been removed following customer services being alerted to the decision from the Head Office.

We ask that people be on alert and check their local TK Maxx and, if real fur is found, alert the store manager and it will be removed.



The focus is now on the last remaining fur shop in West Yorkshire, Next One Leather.

A separate action alert is to published with more info shortly.

Please contact them in complaint.


Next One Leather,
Lever 2, Unit 7,
Leeds Shopping,
Leeds, LS1 5ER
Tel: 0113 2430025
Ismet Keles is the owner of the shop

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