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Foie Gras and Fur Demo’s Across Cheltenham (3 shops fur free already)

Western Animal Rights Network | 30.09.2009 21:29 | Animal Liberation

Today WARN activists help several protests in Cheltenham against businesses selling Foie Gras and fur.

We haven’t even released the details of the shops we have found to be selling fur yet and they are already hastily removing fur from their shelves.


We arrived in Cheltenham with a handful of shops in mind which we knew were selling fur thanks to the work of our investigation team.

First stop was Ballroom who when we popped week before said that they would send it back. Mind you they only said this as soon as we told them we would hold protests against them. True to their word and a great start to the day for us they had done so and where now fur free!

Then we arrived at Flax who issued a statement in the past but had fur in the store when we visited. Our investigation team spoke to the store and told them that it was still there when we returned we would start protesting. We are pleased to announce that Flax is now fur free and are aware we will be popping back in on a regular basis to check they are keeping to this.

Next stop was Cousins of Cheltenham who were caught out with a large amount of fur in the upstairs part of the store the week before. They had claimed it was only there for a week but they just didn’t understand the meaning of No Fur! We told them in no uncertain terms we would be returning to check it had gone in the next few days and if it hadn’t protests would start like they had years previously. Upon arriving today activists entered the store and can confirm all fur has been removed. As with all shops our fur detectives will be back in to check they are sticking fur free!

With three Victories in a row we were on a roll! This shone through on our first real demo of the day against R&D Accessories who have shoes with rabbit fur on. With only a few potential customers passing we didn’t have to try hard to keep the shop empty most of the time we where there. We had great support from the surrounding businesses and residents and will be heading back to the store to protest very soon as they will soon learn you can’t sell fur in the west and not have to answer to the animal rights movement!

Next stop was Monty Smith in the town centre. We gave out huge numbers of leaflets and watched many customers turn away before reaching the door as they heard about what Monty Smith where doing. We don’t think they realise that being in such a busy location it gives us the chance to spread the message far and wide without having to do much work. We really like demoing you and will be back soon.

Foie Gras

First was a visit to Armagnac who appeared to be shut, maybe this was because earlier in the day they had been told there would be a protest and they didn’t want the attention? Whatever the reason we will be back soon and will return time and time again and no mater long it takes it will come of your menu!

Our next and last demo of the day was against Hotel on Park. This hotel is in very visible location next to a main crossroads where everyone can see us. With placards for all to see and a megaphone for all to hear the demo started. The only problem was that we kept getting interrupted by the huge amount of beeping horns in support. One man in his van was so supportive he drove into the car park; wheel span some gravel at the posh rentable luxury car that the hotel owns, then left. Now we must say we do not encourage or agree with his actions however it was rather funny!

We will return to R&D Accessories, Monty Smith, Armagnac, Hotel on Park and any others profiting from extreme animal cruelty until all have stopped.

Western Animal Rights Network
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  1. Great work — Solidarity