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Fur Demos in the West Midlands

Madeleine Ann Campaign | 29.09.2009 11:09 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

Maddy Lies but still gets demoed!

Today activists arrived in Stratford to a Madeleine Ann store free of fur, after a quick chat we told her we would keep checking and were pretty sure she was trying to play games with us.

We used the opportunity to speak to and even demo one shop who are all next on our list to get Stratford fur free! More details of the other shops selling fur will follow if they have not removed it by our next visit.

We then popped over to Madeleine Ann’s other store, there we found what we were expecting all the fur just in one shop.

We made it clear we will demo both stores until fur is removed from both! we then set up our demo outside and after only about 5 minutes of our megaphone’s tearing through the air and members of the public being shocked at what they heard and disgusted at Madeleine Ann’s, they were forced to shut up shop.

We will return time and time again untill you stop selling real Fur!

Madeleine Ann Campaign
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