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Protest in Cardiff Against the destruction of the Jungle

No Borders South Wales | 23.09.2009 19:08 | Migration | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Protest outside the UK Border Agency offices in Cardiff in solidarity with people in Calais who have recently had their homes bulldozed.

Freedom of movement and Equality for all!
Freedom of movement and Equality for all!

report to follow

No Borders South Wales
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Addition: Short report of a short picket

23.09.2009 21:05

12 activists plus 1 dog picketed the Cardiff offices of the UK Border Agency for an hour between 4-5pm today, catching a lot of post-work traffic along a busy Newport Road.

There were some positive comments from passers by and migrants attending the offices as well the less positive, highly creative, "get a job"x 2 (ever heard of shift work? flexi-time? annual leave?).

We wanted to express our solidarity with migrants and activists in Calais.

no borders south wales
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