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Closed Signs Stuck on Windows of Fur Shop in Stratford

Western Animal Rights Network | 23.09.2009 15:07 | Animal Liberation

For More info on the new campaign against Madeleine Ann visit:

It has been reported to us that earlier today activists stuck signs to the windows of Madeleine Ann in Stratford-Upon-Avon. According to our source they read:

-Madeleine Ann Closed -

Shop Closed due to extreme

animal cruelty to cats, dogs, rabbits,

chinchillas, baby seals, foxes and

other fur covered animals.

-Madeleine Ann Closed -

Our sorce told us they positioned the sign out of sight of the staff inside but in the centre of the windows so browsing customers who read it properly would find out just what the shop was involved in and so the passing customers who glanced at the paper would of just assumed the shop was shut.


As part of the campaign we are asking people to contact the two madeleine ann stores and ask them to stop selling real fur. Contact details are below.

Solihull (Main Shop):

Madeleine Ann, 45 Drury Lane, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 3BP
Tel: 0121 704 9454


Madeleine Ann, 39 Sheep Street, Stratford-Upon-Avon, CV37 6EE
Tel: 01789 297 229


This is a legal campaigning organisation, aimed at stopping animal abuse and cruelty through means of protest and spreading information. Details are listed for the purposes or polite contact in complaint and we do not encourage abusive conduct when communicating with those said organisations. Nothing we publish is intended to encourage harassment or illegal actions, nor is it intended to incite breaking of the law.

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