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Solidarity protest outside Brighton UK Borders Agency

Calais Migrant Solidarity | 23.09.2009 13:09 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression | South Coast | World

Last few hours been spent educating staff at the Brighton UK Border Agency Identity and Passport Service office (snappy title eh!)

A small but vocal group of people have spent the afternoon showing their solidarity with the migrants in Calais, Dunkerque and along the French Channel coast who are suffering from the police operations against them.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson's 'delight' at the operation is mirrored by our disgust at the overwhelmingly force used against people who have been rounded up for a PR stunt, feeding the right wing press, and then dumped back on the streets of Calais already, some with any money and belongings taken off them by the police.

French Immigration Minister Besson's statement that the operation is for the migrants 'own good' sickens us - as a former doctor he should have some understanding of what is the proper dignified response to malnourished people without access to basic healthcare and sanitation.

To our friends in Calais, activists and migrants, we are thinking of you!

To the UK Border Agency recently opened here in Brighton we say you are not welcome.

Open the borders, Calais migrants are welcome in Brighton.

...responses on the street were 50/50 for and against. Anyway, it was good to be on the streets, and to give a nod to the Labour Party conference about to start here.

Calais Migrant Solidarity
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more photos

23.09.2009 13:17

here they are

Calais Migrant Solidarity


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