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Disarm DSEi 2009 timeline

Last Hours | 09.09.2009 16:44 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Other Press | Social Struggles

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On September 8th 2009, protesters gathered in the City of London to demonstrate against the DSEi arms fair taking place in the Excel Centre in East London. Last Hours was using mobile updates to document the event.

The aim was to target the financial institutions that back the arms trade.

The protest was organised by a network of people working under the banner of Disarm DSEi. Disarm DSEi had produced a map of arms traders and investors in the London area. Some of these became targets for today’s protest.

11:57 AM
Just arrived in front of the RBS building for Disarm DSEi protest. Protest is due to start at 12.

12:10 PM
Numbers are still small compared to previous years.

12:35 PM
Small black block setting up. Photographers trying to get their money shot.

12:47 PM
Moving off down Aldgate High st.

12:50 PM
Heading down dukes place.

12:56 PM
On Camomile St. Numbers are around 150.

12:59 PM
Moving down Wormwood St. Passing Barclay's. Banner drop off bridge overhead.

1:05 PM
Shoes being thrown at Barclay's.
1:13 PM
Moving down London Wall. Shouts of 'bankers bankers blood on your hands'.

1:16 PM
Shoes thrown at Legal and General who invest £2199 million in arms worldwide.

1:24 PM
People writing messages on windows of Legal and General including 'wake up your work kills people'.

1:27 PM
Banner dropped reading 'Legal and General invests in the arms trade'.

1:31 PM
Still on London Wall coming up to Museum of London.

1:37 PM
Heading down Gresham st.

1:43 PM
Passing Shroders and Lloyd's buildings both have connections to the arms trade.

1:47 PM
On Wood St.

1:51 PM
Coming down Cheapside.

1:53 PM
Now on Newgate st.

1:55 PM
BT building invaded!
(video at

1:59 PM
Claps from catering staff in BT building

2:02 PM
Leaving BT. Police still in little numbers.

Now at Newgate st at AXA who invest £6207 million in arms trade.

AXA windows smashed.
2:13 PM
Now on Warick Lane.

2:18 PM
Sound system is playing Dead Prez. In Paternoster Square. People making speeches about arms trade.

2:32 PM
People have started to head home.

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