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Merchants of Death Free Walking Tour

London CAAT | 09.09.2009 16:37 | Anti-militarism

A brief report on the Merchants of Death Guided Tour the London arm of Campaign Against the Arms Trade carried out today.

London Campaign Against Arms Trade took fourteen people on a free walking tour of arms companies in London. An interested crowd were taken to BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, QinetiQ, Armor Group, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics as well as the UK Trade and Investment Department; the latter being particularly pertinent in light of it’s support for the DSEi arms fair taken place this week. The four organisers gave a brief talk at each location as well as touching upon other issues in the arms trade. Another tour will take place on Sunday 25th October, setting off at 2pm from the clock tower between Victoria station and the Palace theatre.

London CAAT
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  1. A very effective protest — Nick
  2. Hmm — Sgt Sideshow
  3. The hippy hippy shake — Saved from the streets by Nick
  4. cheers not jeers — cheers not jeers
  5. this isn't supposed to make arms companies quake in their boots — anon