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West Yorkshire AR Group - Action Update

West Yorkshire Animal Rights Group | 09.09.2009 00:10 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

West Yorkshire AR Group - Action Update


Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) are holding a global week of action against those who breed and supply animals to the vivisection industry, ending with a national protest outside Highgate Rabbit Farm in North Lincolnshire.

In Yorkshire, we have a number of sites who breed animals for vivisection, so please contact them and voice your disgust. Protests are also currently being planned, so if you want to get involved please contact West Yorkshire Animal Rights Group.

B&K Universal Ltd
Grimston Road,
Hull, HU11 4QE
Tel: 01964 527555
Fax: 01964 527006
Gerrald Bantin is the Managing Director –
Animals: Beagle dogs, rodents and import primates. They also get their rabbits from Highgate Farm and also do all the deliveries from HGF to the laboratories.

Albert Hall (Farms) Ltd
The Village,
Strensall, York,
YO32 5XS
Tel: 01904 490 404
Fax: 01904 491 539

The animals at AHF are bred at:
Woodhouse Farm,
Woodhouse Lane,
York, YO32 5TH
Tel: 01904 490 372
Animals: Cattle and sheep
This sick company are also involved in shipping calves through Dover Docks for the veal trade.

Brow Well Fisheries Ltd
Phoenix Cottage
Town Hill,
Hebden, Skipton
BD23 5DH
Tel: 01756 752 808
Fax: 01756 753 132
Directors –,

The farm is at:
Old Mill Lane,
Skipton, BD23 5BX
Tel: 01756 752 808
Animals: Trout used in eco-toxicology

Leeds University Farm
Headley Hall,
Tadcaster, LS24 9NT
Tel: 01937 834155
Fax: 01937-530104

Helen Miller is the top person at the site:
Office: Main Campus, Miall 6.15/16
Tel: 0113 34 32842
Animals: Pigs, sheep, cattle. The University of Leeds also breed cats and beagles for vivisection, but from the Worsley Building at the main campus


Anti-Arms Trade Demo in London

The arms trade is something which effects a variety of different campaigns and movements, including animal rights. For example, all the arms made are tested on animals at places such as Yorkshire-based Covance Laboratories (Harrogate), Huntingdon Life Sciences and the infamous DSTL Porton Down. In the most resent expose of HLS, the Ministry of Defence were exposed as conducting viscious experiments on primates.

As does also need stating, the arms industry in its self is sickening; with their supplying of weapons used to kill and maim people.

In conjunction with the Disarm DSEI campaign, animal rights activists helped protest in the City of London againt a number or companies who invest in this sickening industry such as Barclays, AXA, Lloyds TSB and the Royal Bank of Scotland – all of which have also formerly taken part in investments and deals with vivisection organisations.

For more information, visit the Disarm DSEI website –


WYAR Supporting Harrods Fur Campaign

Activists from West Yorkshire Animal Rights Group attended the demonstration last Saturday at Harrods in London to show support with the campaign.

Harrods are the last UK department store willing to sell real fur so it is important that local groups help with the demonstrations in solidarity.

The protest was loud and visual, with many tourists stopping to take information about the fur trade.

As there are no fur shops left in the West Yorkshire area, this is something we will be doing on a regular basis.

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