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eco activists search for support base for protest sites

the working class heroes | 06.09.2009 08:32 | Climate Chaos | Free Spaces | Workers' Movements

a collective of environmental activists in london is looking for a site to use as a long term support base for the protest sites in britain.

the idea was proposed at the camp for climate action and a number of different groups and organisations have expressed an interest in working together to provide training and resources on a more or less permanent basis. War on waste, k ring technologies, coltech renewable energies and the earth aid environmental campaign are appealing for help in their search for an abandoned farm or other suitable site in the london area.
It is proposed that a derelict site could be transformed into a sustainable futuristic ecovillage where serious work supporting environmental actions, protests and campaigns could be undertaken.
Slow tony of war on waste has been rescuing and repairing activists vehicles for them for many years and the present site in tottenham north london will probably be evicted within the next few weeks.
If a suitable site can be found we could start to move in very soon. Anyone who knows about potential sites is invited to contact up at or on 07883242168. Thank you.

the working class heroes
- e-mail: earthaidcampaign@googlemail .com


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Centralisation is a dangerous tactic

06.09.2009 12:31

You have to be careful with centralising your resources. If this place is seen to be helping illegal, unlawful, or even just inconvenient activities you can bet it will be harshly targeted by the authorities and shut down. So far it's mainly the animal rights movement that has felt this repression, but you can bet it will move to other areas if they are seen to be getting too much of a problem.

I reckon a better tactic is to keep decentralised and agile.


Sewardstone is nice!

06.09.2009 12:59

Lots of empty mansions...
Big Grounds...
Giant yews in some...

Just a thought
Used to camp there a few years back, enjoyed the area, and a mansion of my own!


Or not.

06.09.2009 13:07

"Centralisation is a dangerous tactic"

Yes it is isn't it. But dangerous for whom?


time to get serious

06.09.2009 14:37

thank you for your feedback.
We have been doing this in squats for years and everyone knows who we are.
We just think it is time to get better at it and to team up with more of our friends.

the working class heroes
mail e-mail:

more information please

06.09.2009 16:16

we have just checked sewardstone and would like more details please either by email or text to 07883242168 thank you nick

the working class heroes
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good idea,an island might be easier to defend,

06.09.2009 16:25

hard to evict without expense if it had to be squatted, took a helicopter with nightvision+what sounded like SBS teams& loads of police with guns& flak jackets on inflatables& barges to take ravens ait the squatted island in the thames which had roughly 20 men, women & children.
Keep for the full 12 years without eviction& it yours, but then that would have to be done alot more under cover.

Surely though there must be some one with land who understands how important climate camp is in the battle against climate change. Or maybe there is some land in essex or something that could be rented at peppercorn that no one wants, be much,much better.
Who says they will be raided & shut down, there are numerous permanent community centres around the country that are used as activist bases in leeds, brighton, nottingham, etc except for London


make it in a large city

06.09.2009 21:27

not a rural drop out location like Centre For Alternative Technology that says nothing to the 80% plus of the population that live in urban centres other than that to be green is a rustic dream that they cant achieve- nothing against CAT except that it only works for a few rich hippies

Kinsman E

Not quite right

08.09.2009 16:55

"Keep for the full 12 years without eviction& it yours".

Not any more. Not if it's registered land, anyway, which most land is nowadays. Land Registration Act, 2002. Still works for unregistered land, however. New system for registered land is that you can apply for registration after 10 years, but then the "paper owner" is given 2 years to evict you, which they will except in a few odd cases, such as "paper owner" buggered off out of country with cops after them.

"there are numerous permanent community centres around the country that are used as activist bases in leeds, brighton, nottingham, etc except for London."

Whaddya mean? What about 56a, LARC etc?... to mention only the permanent ones and not counting about 5 or 6 excellent squatted ones, including Ramparts, which is still going.