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We must spread our ideas in the army

Anonymous | 02.09.2009 23:31 | Anti-militarism | World

Harsh times may lie ahead, prepare now

The war between the oppressed and the oppressors is flaring up, and such a dynamic leads to a revolution. The elite’s invariable tactic in such situations is to replace the pseudo-democratic governments with fascists and use the army against the resisters. There is immediate need to maximise the spread of revolutionary ideas amongst the soldiers, so that when the time for confrontation comes there will already be free-thinkers amongst them.

It is necessary to organise suitable anarchist groups within the army to help the soldiers understand the source of social injustice and the positions of protesters, and not allow them fell victims to political party propaganda. It is also necessary to provide messages in a form which is easy to understand by draftees or soldiers calling them to not use their weapons against protesters.

This call is valid worldwide because the social dynamic that has been formed is global itself. It is short so that it can be communicated easily.



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