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Activists Invade Construction Company HQ

dontbuildkingsnorth | 02.09.2009 12:23 | Climate Chaos | Oxford

Activists from Don't Build Kingsnorth have today invaded the Dartford offices of construction giant Laing O'Rourke. The protest is against the company's bid to build Britain's first coal fired power plant in 30 Years at Kingsnorth in Kent.

putting up the banner
putting up the banner

climbing back down
climbing back down

well hung banner!
well hung banner!

A large group of activists entered the offices, handed out leaflets and talked to staff. Meanwhile, another team scaled the building and hung a banner reading "Don't Build Kingsnorth".

Laing O'Rourke is among six companies bidding to build the contraversial power station which would, if built, emit more carbon dioxide than the entire country of Ghana[1].

One of the activists, Pietro Testa (35) said, "In their publicity Laing O'Rourke claim that their people want to respond to unprecedented environmental challenges. We're here today to hold Laing O'Rourke to account and to tell them clearly that building Kingsnorth would directly contribute to an unprecedented environmental catastrophe."

Another activist, Hannah Chisolm (21) added, "Coal is the dirtiest form of fossil fuel. Climate change is already killing 300,000 people a year[2]. Building another coal power station is clearly insanity. We were inspired by Thames Valley Climate Action's action at the offices of another Kingsnorth bidder, BAM Nuttall earlier in the year. Any firm bidding to build Kingsnorth needs to know the extent of the opposition they will face."

"A year ago I went to the Climate Camp[3], which was held outside Kingsnorth. Today's protest shows that, even though the location of the Climate Camp has changed, Kingsnorth remains a target for Climate Change campaigners."

Contact: 07950 457 344 for interviews and photos


Notes to editors

1. Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center:
2. Global Humanitarian Forum:
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Leaflet handed out to staff

03.09.2009 15:51

Here's the flyer that was handed out to staff. Feel free to edit, copy & distribute.

For details of all the construction companies bidding to build Kingsnorth see:

Don't Build Kingsnorth


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photos from inside deleted

03.09.2009 09:14

We'd hoped to have photos/footage of the action inside, but our other camera was grabbed by security. We eventually managed to get it back, minus the photos from inside.

another pixie

recover photos

03.09.2009 09:43

if you havn't taken any more photos on that camera you can recover deleted photos from the memory card with a recovery program


More like this please!

03.09.2009 11:28

Excellent stuff - keep it up against the Kingsnorth bidders!


Recover photos - how?

03.09.2009 11:31

I've go the camera, but don't know how to recover the photos. I've a PC with the latest version of Ubuntu. I've installed photorec but when I plug the camera in it doesn't seem to mount as a separate device (it comes up as gphoto2://[usb:001,008]/ in the file browser).

If anyone knows how I can recover the photos please email me.


Camera bod
mail e-mail: