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map of arms dealers in Sheffield - take action in the run up to DSEi

Disarmer | 25.08.2009 16:47 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Palestine | Sheffield

here's a handy map of arms dealers in Sheffield

Stop the Weapons before they reach DSEi

why not take action against your local arms dealer in the weeks leading up to DSEi:

here's a handy map of DSEi exhibitors in the Sheffield area-

The exhibitors at DSEi range from companies like BAE and Raytheon, making entire weapons systems, to manufacturers of missile launchers and rifles, to companies like EDO MBM/ITT making components for weapons produced by larger companies, to companies providing tents, body armour, computer security or electricity generators for the military.

DSEi, the world’s largest arms fair, runs from Sept 8-11 at ExCeL in London. In order to display their weaponry, the exhibitors have to transport it to London’s East End in the previous week and weekend, i.e. Sept 1st-7th.

We’re calling on people up and down the country to stop this happening.

In the past, boats have obstructed battleships entering the dock; a tripod did the same with tank transporters, and various local groups took the campaign to the exhibitors’ home turf.

Let’s make it as hard as possible for them to get anywhere near London!

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