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Nation-Wide Town Hall Meetings, August IS the Hottest Month

LaRouche pac | 24.08.2009 17:09 | Other Press | World

The people are angry about the direction their country is headed with the misleading health care reform to the downfall of the economy, bailouts, stimulus and bonuses to banks and corporate executives.

The underlying reality of the economic collapse, and the people's anxieties, are beginning to seep through some of the news coverage of Congressional town hall meetings across the country.

Rep. Allan Boyd (D-FL) is one of those members of Congress who is beginning to see through the fog. Politico reports that a ground zero view in a district like Boyd's underlines that a very real sense of anger and frustration is bubbling over as summer wanes. "People are scared," Boyd says, after holding town hall meetings in his north Florida district, and it isn't just health care policy that they're worried about. People are also angry about the collapse of the economy, the bailouts, the stimulus, bonuses, and cap and trade as well.

A roundup of other town hall meetings follows:

* The famous Obamastache sign was seen outside a meeting of Rep. Tim Walz (D) in Mankato, Minn., where 700 people made it inside, and another 200 were left outside.

* More than 500 people attended a meeting held by Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.) and the meeting went for four hours, two more than scheduled. Questioners included a physician raising concerns about the influence of Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel on health care policy.

* In DelRay Beach, Fla., Democratic Representatives Alcee Hastings and Robert Wexler, spoke to an invitation-only meeting sponsored by the Florida Alliance for Retired Persons, leaving many people outside fuming and protesting. The audience was so well controlled there were no hostile questions.

* 600 people attended a meeting in Bristow, Oklahoma sponsored by Republican Sen. Tom Coburn. Later, the same day, Coburn spoke to more than 1,000 people in Bartlesville. Republican Rep. Frank Lucas , who held a number of meetings across his Oklahoma district at the same time, told NewsOK that "the number of people attending town hall meetings has swelled as more and more people want straight answers about government spending programs and plans to reform the nation's health care system."

* South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson held "the largest town hall in the history of Lexington County," Thursday night. No number given as to how many people were there.

* Wisconsin Rep. Ron Kind (D) was confronted by 600 people Friday for a town hall meeting in Whitehall. Kind was quoted saying that "meetings like this are needed..."

* More than 1,200 people showed up at a town meeting called by Rep. Joe Barton in Arlington, Texas on Aug. 22.

LaRouche pac
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