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SARC | 19.08.2009 16:37 | Animal Liberation | South Coast

It is under a week until Portsmouth Council allows Zippos Circus to profit from animal exploitation on Public Property. Contact them and ask for Portsmouth to issue a ban on Circus animals.

On Tuesday night, the lights come up on one of the most exploitive shows on Earth. A circus using horses and ponies in its routines will open its doors to the public on Tuesday at Southsea Common, Portsmouth and SARC will be there to greet them.

SARC are urging all its compassionate supporters to come on demonstrations, appeal to shop keepers in the local area to take posters and money off vouchers away from the public eye and very importantly: to write to the council.

The council can be contacted (politely) in several ways:

By phone:
+44(023)92 822 251

By Clicking here.

By email:,

By post:
Guildhall Square
Hampshire, PO1 2BG

Below is a sample letter which you are welcome to use, but remember, a personalised touch to your complaint would pack an extra punch with these councillors.

Dear Sir/Madam,

R:E Zippos Circus on Southsea Common.

I am shocked and appalled that the council have allowed a circus which features animals to appear on Southsea Common from the 25th August until 5th September. After so long without such a barbaric presence in our city, I can only question what has made councillors think it is acceptable to have such a barbaric tourist attraction by our otherwise beautiful sea front.

Zippos circus has been exposed by Animal Defenders International failing to comply with even the basic task of exercising their animals daily and on one 5 mile journey in 2003, Zippos animals were kept on lorries for anything between 4 hours 15 minutes up to 4 hours 55 minutes.

A full report about the shocking conditions that Zippos subjects its animals to can be found at:

I encourage you to read the report.

If the council refuses to act when Zippos comes to town, would it react to a visit from other animals circuses. During protests against Jolly's Circus, another animal circus earlier this year in Gloucester, circus employees were seen chasing protesters with weapons and trying to run over a young girl.

I am asking the council today to ban all animal circuses in Portsmouth in the same way that Camden Council, London and Ipswich Council have.

Yours Faithfully,

[Insert name here]

PLEASE NOTE: SARC requests that all messages sent in support of this campaign are peaceful and polite. SARC do not condone any abusive or threatening mail or communications.

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Let the kids play!

20.08.2009 08:48

Chill out and let the kids play. A circus is one of the best things i can remember from being a kid. You get all worried about somebody making a living on the back of animals, but don't seem to care about the exploitation of children, here and abroad. Get your priorities right. Social Justice for Kids first!



20.08.2009 13:55

Similar to how rights for non-whites are more important than woman rights? Homosexual rights are more important than trans-sexual rights? Childrens rights are more important than adults rights? Go back to where you came from...stop prioritising freedom.

If kids want to go to a circus then take them, there are plenty about which don't abuse animals for a living so get over yourself. Bring up your kids with some compassion!


Reality Check

03.09.2009 11:11

I visited Zippo's circus last weekend in Southsea with my 2 young children, who absolutely loved the show... it must have been good for a 2 year old to be captivated for 2 hours! I saw the ponies first hand and how they were treated both inside the circus ring and outside grazing on other days. All the horses looked healthy & well cared for. The budgies we saw in the show looked like they were having fun & I should know, since my dad breeds birds and I grew up with hundreds of them.

Since I am an educated, worldly wise and sensitive person, I cannot understand what all the fuss is about... there is no harm done and all performers, human or animal, seemed to have as much fun as the audience. Personally I fully recommend the circus experience, these are the memories we treasure forever.