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New Website-Online Sit In Against HLS-FRIDAY

HLS | 19.08.2009 00:44 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Cambridge | Liverpool


In this past year, we have noticed that there have been many different online sit ins against Huntingdon Life Sciences.

We have decided to take part in the fun.

Today, we are announcing the launching of a website (and a sit in against HLS on Friday, the 21st) that OUR HOPE is censorship resistant, being hosted on the Tor (The Onion Router:See Wikipedia) network. Our hope is to have one online sit in a month, so check the website often from a public computer, of course.

You can visit our new website:

or try

Since our website is hosted on the Tor network, if you're not on the tor network, you need to use a gateway website between the Tor network and the regular internet.

If you know how to access the Tor network, our website can be viewed at  http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/smashhls/ This link as stated above is ONLY for those that HAVE ACCESS to the Tor network.

Like we stated above, the first sit in will take place THIS Friday the 21st. The file for the sit in is currently online, but there won't be enough people taking part, so wait until friday please!



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