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Five activists walk straight into Faslane nuclear weapons base – *Breaking news*

Trident | 17.08.2009 15:47

Trident Ploughshares, Monday August 17, 2009 – 16:40pm – for immediate release

This afternoon five peace activists from nonviolent direct action group Trident Ploughshares walked unchallenged straight into Faslane naval base in Scotland , the home of Britain ’s nuclear-armed Trident submarines, making a mockery of security for Britain ’s “strategic nuclear deterrent.” The five are currently still inside the base.

The activists, one man and four women, released the following statement:

“We invite others to follow us through this gate to restore humanitarian law.”

For more details, contact: Jane 07778 267 833

Further information to follow.

Notes to editor:

Trident Ploughshares is a campaign initiated in 1998 to disarm Britain ’s Trident nuclear weapons system in a non-violent, peaceful, safe, open and accountable manner




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