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Barclays targeted for Elijah Smith

Solidarity is a weapon! | 17.08.2009 14:39 | Smash EDO | Iraq | Palestine | Terror War | South Coast

The second largest investor of EDO MBM/ITT, Barclays, last night had bank doors glued shut and ATMs glued up then smashed in Somerset. This was in celebration of Elijah Smith’s birthday. Happy 44th!

The bank was also targeted because it is a symbol of state and capitalism.

A message for Barclays: You dumped a measly 400,000 HLS shares, now it’s time to sell over 7,000,000 shares in ITT.

To those who talk of social war: Get out there and cause some damage!

Towards a smashing September – this is just the beginning.

“The time for talking has gone a little bit too far”

Solidarity is a weapon!


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17.08.2009 18:36

the American bloke on death row who whinged to the pope or the child actor cos he dosnt look 44 to me.


who Elijah Smith is

17.08.2009 20:33

Elijah Smith is one of the EDO decomissioners who is currently in jail for causing severe damage to the EDO arms factory in Brighton.

not a murderer or a baby-faced actor to my knowledge.



19.08.2009 23:45

Is the largest investor in the global arms industry out of all UK High Street Banks

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