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Repression And Resistance In Mexico Part 2 Atenco

Martin O'Neill | 16.08.2009 22:02 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Repression and Resistance in Mexico
Part 2
Justice For Atenco

In 2001/2002 the People's Front for the Defence of the Land of San Salvador Atenco, by defending their land through direct action, successfully stopped the building of a new airport for Mexico City. The Mexican government sought revenge and in May 2006 thousands of police provoked conflict and invaded Atenco town. 2 youths were murdered, 23 women were sexually assaulted, as documented by Amnesty International, and more than 200 people were arrested by the police. There are still 12 Atenco political prisoners.

A video was especially recorded for a recent European Speaking Tour on the criminalisation of Mexican Social Movements by Maria Trinidad Ramirez, the partner of Atenco political prisoner Ignacio del Valle. He is serving 112 years and their daughter, America de Valle Ramirez has been on the run since the events of May 2006. They want the release of all the Atenco prisoners as they were imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. Their priority is the repatriation of the 3 prisoners sentenced to 32, 67 and 112 years in a High Security Prison to a nearby prison. At the moment another government National Water Commission is trying to take their land. They recognise that people have problems in their own communities, but they are asking for financial help to pay for lawyers and to support their families They are not defeated and are continuing their struggle for land, water and air. Those who also struggle for their dignity, roots and history are welcome in Atenco. ZAPATA IS ALIVE! Donations can be sent via Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group, and more information about Atenco can be found at
The video of Trini's life-affirming and inspiring appeal for financial help with English subtitles can be found at
An interview with Trini also with English subtitles can be found at
Sending support letters to the political prisoners from anywhere in the world. These can be sent to the website or emailed to; or sent to the daily newspaper La Jornada to the following address:

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