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First report back from RWB demo

BB Gunn | 15.08.2009 16:16 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | Liverpool

Fun and frolics at the RWB demo

Early reports back from the demonstration at the BNP's Red, White and Blue piss-up suggest that there were in excess of 1500 protestors and a measly seven arrests (three for being outside the designated protest zone, for God's sake).

The other four arrests were made when those at the head of the march of about a thousand demonstrators tried to force their way past a cordon of mounted and standing police to the entrance to the RWB site 150 metres away. Bags of flour, plastic bottles, eggs and fruit were thrown.

The main body of demonstrators, which was monitored by a helicoptor, CCTV cameras and a camera mounted on a drone, gathered in Codnor's Market Place, chanting "Nazi scum, off our streets" and waving placards. The other arrests took place at the junction of Codnor-Denby Lane and Heanor Road, where smaller groups of protestors clashed with officers.

The march came a day after an open letter was published on Unite Against Fascism's website, condemning the BNP event. The letter, whose signatories include former London mayor Ken Livingstone, children's author Michael Rosen and trade union leaders, accused the BNP of trying to "build up a hardened neo-Nazi core at the centre of the organisation".

It said: "We condemn the BNP and its festival of race hate, and we urge people to reject this party's poisonous and anti-democratic agenda."

Non-copyright report pinched from Lancaster Unity

* Anyone got any pictures?

BB Gunn


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