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Huntingdon Life Sciences doomed financial status

SHAC | 14.08.2009 07:34 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

Thursday, 13th August

Much has been happening on the financial front as LSR/Huntingdon Life Sciences CEO, Andrew Baker, moves forward with his plans to acquire HLS and make it a privately held company. A Proxy Statement has been filed with the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission). You can read the 132 page document by clicking on "Proxy Statement" here:

A good analysis of the pending merger and proxy statement is provided by a New York Times financial blogger, here:

The Proxy Statement makes it abundantly clear that animal rights campaigning has had a tremendous impact on LSR/HLS' financial predicament and has caused them to have limited options for the future. An in depth analysis was contracted by a special committee appointed by the Board of Directors and carried out by Plymouth Partners LLC. The Plymouth report cited the influence of animal rights campaigners over and over again, in relationship to investors, market makers, trading platforms, customers and suppliers.

Also of note in the Plymouth report was the fact that LSR/HLS was in imminent danger of defaulting on their long term debt and additionally that they were in imminent danger of being delisted by the NYSE Arca for failure to maintain the minimum levels of capitalization for continued listing. All in all, the report gave a very grim picture of LSR's financial position. A more detailed analysis and publication of selected excerpts from the reports will be forthcoming in the near future.

Meanwhile, SHAC, Win Animal Rights and other animal rights groups will be moving ahead with plans to focus on HLS' primary customers. It's only because of campaigners across the world who have in any way supported the campaign to stop the killing at Huntingdon Life Sciences. Every action, every protest, every letter and every phone call contributed to the results that are now clearly exposed by these recent SEC filings.

It is time to put this dying monster of a company out of it's (and our) misery. Let's get to it and make it happen for the animals being tortured inside HLS.

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lets not forget...

14.08.2009 10:29

that once HLS was a company with a market capitalisation of £500m and a dominant player in the CRO market, was once listed on the FTSE and was considered a very credible investment. No other campaign has driven a company off a stock market and destroyed their financials as the campaign against HLS has. Shows what can be done when people put their mind to it.

So for all the keyboard warriors who will no doubt be carping on, imagine what you could actually do if you were committed to a cause enough.


Another company that is dying

14.08.2009 13:18

Here is another company which is dying a slow and horrible death because of activism against it:

(doesn't that graph look wonderful!)

Phorm (also known as "Webwise") wants to hijack your Internet connection, using spyware/adware installed in your Internet provider's network. It then wants to sell the information it gains to advertisers so as to target more "relevant" advertising at you.

If you are with BT or Virgin Media write to them and tell them that you do not want this kind of spyware on your connection and will terminate your contract if the company installs the Phorm system.

For more information: