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HSBC attacked

Solidarity means attack! | 12.08.2009 10:19 | Smash EDO | Animal Liberation | Iraq | Terror War | South Coast

In solidarity with Elijah James Smith and the EDO decomissioners, two windows were smashed and locks glued at a HSBC in Somerset.

The bank own over half a million shares in arms dealers ITT. We will not stand idly by as warmongers kill innocent animals lives, human and non-human, in an attempt to colonise the Middle East.

This action is a warm up for Disarm DSEI.

Solidarity means attack!

Solidarity means attack!


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  1. Well done... — Basil Brush
  2. DSEi exhibitors — Serial disarmer
  3. well done — congratulator
  4. Nice One! — DISARM DSEi