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Justice for Janas Khan! -This student is not a terrorist - Manchester Protest

Richard | 10.08.2009 21:36 | Terror War | World

The Justice 4 North West 10 campaign has called a protest at Janas Khan's hearing on Friday 14th August.

Protest starts at 9am - meeting outside Asylum and Immigration Tribunal. 2 Piccadilly Plaza, Moseley Street, Manchester M1

Please show your support and join the protest

Janas Khan was arrested in April with other Pakistani students in terror raids across the North West of England. Gordon Brown claimed a massive terrorist plot had been foiled. Jacqui Smith, then Home Secretary, labelled the students ‘Islamic extremists’. Janas Khan was imprisoned as ‘suspect S’. Two weeks later, the police admitted all the students were innocent but left them in prison without charge and without knowledge of evidence against them. No charges were brought but they were deemed a threat to national security and held for deportation to Pakistan.

On 17th July 2009, Janas Khan and Sultan Shaer were freed from prison. There was simply no evidence. During his time in category A custody, Janas was regularly strip-searched and sniffer dogs were used on him. He was denied contact with his family in Pakistan. He was not told of the reasons for his arrest.

An innocent student

Two and a half years ago, Janas Khan came to the UK to study for the International Masters degree in Business Administration at Liverpool Hope University. Until his arrest, all assignments were submitted on time. As a result of his arrest and imprisonment, he was unable to complete the final four assignments prior to dissertation submission.

Since release from prison, Janas has been electronically tagged and forced to live under curfew conditions so far away from Liverpool that he cannot attend the university. He remains indoors under curfew in his place of residence between 10.00 am and 12.00 am and between 6.00pm and 8.00pm. His property has not been released so he has no access to books, notes or computers and is unable to study.

Since imprisonment, Janas Khan’s mother has become seriously ill in Pakistan. Janas Khan says, ‘I feel my life has been turned upside down. I am just a student. A whole year of my life has been destroyed. The others are innocent just like me. All I want is to be allowed to visit my mother and come back to finish my studies.’

Liverpool Hope University has agreed to give Janas Khan an extension to finish his assignments. However, he has to complete in the UK. The Home Office withdrew his student visa and still threatens to deport him.

Janas Khan is appealing against the Home Office decision. The appeal is being heard on 14th August 2009 at the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, 1st Floor, Piccadilly Exchange, 2 Piccadilly Plaza, Moseley Street, Manchester M1 4AH. The entrance is on Moseley Street, next to the Metro stop.

Justice demands all restrictions on Janas Khan are lifted so that he can complete his education.


On April 8th 2009 armed police swooped on Pakistani students in the North West. Three were released, though items and equipment remain confiscated. The remaining 12 were detained without charge.

Ten of the students appealed against the deportation order. One, Tariq ur Rahman ‘voluntarily’ returned to Pakistan due to the stress of Category A detention. Two others, Janas Khan and Sultan Shaer, were released on 17 July 2009. The national campaign is called ‘Justice for the North West 10’.

The campaign website is

At bail hearings set for the week beginning 27 July 2009, Judge Mitting denied all bail for the seven remaining students and left review until March 2010

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