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Dale Farm: Demo and Meeting this Monday

Dale Farm (repost) | 08.08.2009 17:10 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles

With the threat of eviction getting ever closer,
we're planning a demonstration outside
Basildon council offices to back the
presentation of a LEGAL MEMORANDUM which
argues that under international law if Basildon
evict Dale Farm by force they are obliged to re-settle
the community together on another location.

This Memorandum is being drawn up by
the Centre for Housing and Forced Evictions
assisted by the Faculty of Law at Essex

Lots of adults and children will participate
from Dale Farm and Hovefields - and will
carry UN, EU, Romani and numbers of other
flags to emphasises UN support and the
international aspects of our campaign.

It is sheduled for 12 noon on Monday
10 August outside the Basildon Centre,
St Martin's Square, Basildon.

Would you be able to attend?

A meeting and expo is planned for after
the demo at the Saint Christopher Centre,
Dale Farm (refreshments) .

Dale Farm (repost)
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