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Continued repression in Calais

No Borderer | 05.08.2009 09:48 | Migration | Repression

More people needed!

The repression of migrants in Calais continued over Monday and Tuesday:

12 CRS (riot police) took photographs and papers at Sudanese squat; 1 was arrested
1 Iranian was arrested, but released very quickly.
6 Hazara was arrested
5 CRS vans went to the Pashtun jungle; people had their photographs taken and papers checked
3 Palestinianss arrested
3 Sudanese were arrested
2 Eritreans gassed and arrested

Help is still definitely needed if you can go over for a bit. Please bring a bike or car if you can - as you can see from the list above, stuff is happening every day at the various squats and it helps if you can get about quickly. If you're thinking of going over there and want to donate anything, other things that migrants would really like if you can bring anything else are O2 SIM cards and English books.

See the Calais Migrant Solidarity site for the info line if you're thinking of going:

No Borderer


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