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Bristol Solidarity With Vesta Occupation

bristolrisingtider | 04.08.2009 19:32 | Energy Crisis | Repression | Workers' Movements | South Coast

A wide selection of people: Bristol Rising Tide, Respect Party, Bristol Anarchist Bookfair, FBU, UNITE, Decommissioners and Bristol Co-Mutiny took part in a Solidarity Demo Outside the Environment Agency, today, Tuesday.

On Tuesday 4th August, protesters descended on the Bristol Headquarters of the Environment Agency in Aztec West carrying windmills and banners to support the action of Vestas workers who have occupied the St Cross wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight for the last two weeks because of plans to close the site with the immediate loss of 600 jobs

The workers are asking that the government - who have pledged £100bn towards renewable energy - nationalise the factory to save it from shutting. On the 4th August the Vestas company are going to court to evict the workers.

Around 20 people turned out to support the protest and they handed out flyers to staff and chatted to them about the Vesta Occupation. Many of the Environmental Agency staff supported the protest and understood the concerns of the protestors and the reasoning for the Vesta occupation.

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