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Harriet Harman, Mandy Mandelson and Alan Johnson: their true colours!

CampaignforhumanrightsintheUK | 04.08.2009 11:55 | Anti-racism | Repression | World

Phil Woolas by coming out and attacking basic democratic rights has just shown what a new 'Blair Govt' will do in Britain, whoever may formally occupy No. 10 Downing Street after any ordinary general election. Ordinary people should be wary of what the Party is plotting

Harriet Harman, Mandy Mandelson and Alan Johnson: their true colours! These shall be put on display on the internet in the next hours. In order that a much needed perspective may appear in the proceedings.

Harriet Harman is desperate for power. We look at her when she last had any real power over peoples’ lives. That was just 10 years ago. She was at the Department for Deprivation, Want and Poverty [DWP]. In that role, Harriet Harman sanctioned unpublished numbers of cases of brutality, violation of the most needy. She also refused to answer legal questions put to her in impeccable accordance with the law. She showed coldness and a cruelty in office that would really frighten any ordinary [person. Harriet Harman has remained silent on that period in her progression to where she is today. Even the London Daily Mail is accepting that Harriet Harmon is ‘running’ the country during Brown’s absence on ‘holiday’.

The public in Britain and their counterparts internationally are entitled to know what Harriet will do if she actually manages to hoodwink the former Labour Party into signalling her in any position that automatically lets Harriet into the truly powerful offices.

Harriet Harman is a member of the same cultural bloc that the majority of the British trade union bureaucrats belong to.

That bloc is easily the most culpable and guilty of the ‘democratic institutions’ that has been causing poverty, deprivation and discrimination in this country.

It is a club that has not been examined.

We shall be doing our bit to repair that .

We shall also be looking at Alan Johnson. Like Harriet Harman,. Johnson has been at the Department for Deprivation, Want and Poverty [DWP].

Like Harriet Harman, Johnson has manipulated his way through that bureaucracy – Harriet’s has been a relatively indirect manipulation while Johnson’s has been a direct one, as he never tires of reminding people about his postie past- and has now arrived at the point where he can vie with the likes of Harriet Harman for the allegedly top job in British politics.

Johnson’s rejection of the pleas by the computer hacker G McKinnon has been pounced on by the Daily Mail. As can be predicted, the Daily Mail takes a particularly ideologically intolerant view of Johnson. What is not in the DAILY MAIL and what cannot be found in any of the less strident newspapers in Britain that have commented on Johnson’s role in office so far, is the extent to which Alan Johnson has been allowed in a matter of weeks since he arrived at that ‘Great Office of State’ to legitimise the excesses of the past five terms of Home Secretary since 1997. By ‘terms’ here, we refer to the stints by Jack Straw, David Blunkett, John Reid, Charles Clarke and Jacquie Smith.

Between the two of them, Harriet Harman and Alan Johnson make up a team of ruthless violators of human rights and of constitutionality that should terrify all believers in universal democratic and human rights and freedoms…

That neither has been scrutinised shows that we cannot trust the British media to stand up for civil liberties and human rights.



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04.08.2009 15:36

i must delve into that. She looks like such a pretty and harmless soul. But underneath a evil whitch. Let me delve into Harriet Harmon. and i will get back to you after a good lunch.


your only hope

04.08.2009 16:55

King E. & QE. might be able to save you Harriot, Gorden, Alistaire, and the rest of the family. But 5 or 1o heads might have to be chopped off.
FOR SURE it´s the best I could do. Because, with me dead, capitalism will fall on it´s arse anyway (see Marx). and the family will lose everything. The persuing caos could desimate civilisation.

The hope is for orderly revolution, although current powere structures will have to be dismantles. Only the intellectuals can make this transition, after revolutionary constructs need to be fully democratised. - without secret police.

It becomes a localised ... With national and world democratic stru@tures - this is the standard and widely accepted view, nothing new from me.

Harold Hamlet
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