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Violence at Biocair demo in Cambridge

SHAC Cambridge | 02.08.2009 01:42 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Repression | Cambridge

Local activists attacked by occupants of passing car

Friday, 31st July

Activists were ones again back at Biocair, The Business Centre, Church End, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 3LB to ask the company to end their dealings with the most exposed lab in the world, Huntingdon Life Sciences.

The demo was lively and we certainly got our point across. A lorry tried to deliver to Biocair, but the security sent it away! The company delivering was Malco Freight International, 12 Lancaster Way, Business Park, Ely, Cambridgeshire CB6 3NW. Phone number: 01353
666848, fax number: 01353 666846 and e-mail:
Please politely contact them and ask them not to deal with Biocair until they drop there links with HLS.

We watched as the police when up and down the road trying to find the place, they eventually did find Biocair's location and after two trips into the company they tried to issue a Section 14. Uunfortunately because of our megaphone some of us couldn't hear the notice being issued (not that sec 14 covers megaphones anyway) and continued to stay in the business park a while longer, oops!

After everyone was out of the business park the police left with blue flashing lights to fight some real crime!

Later violent opponents stopped by with one man and one woman attacking a young female activist. The male also made threatening, abusive and discriminatory comments.

The man was complaining saying we had damaged his car somehow and claiming he was ringing the police, but it was us that headed off to the police station to make a complaint about his actions!

We are here for the animals so we will be back regardless, if anyone is able to come down for a demo to offer a bit of support to the local campaigners please get in contact with SHAC, it would be appreciated!

SHAC Cambridge
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