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Demo at Sequani

Concerned Citizens | 30.07.2009 19:51 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

Demo outside Sequani on Wednesday 12th August.

A demo will be taking place opposite Seqauni animal testing labs in Ledbury, Hereford on Wednesday 12th August, from 12pm to 6pm depending on the weather.

Please feel free to come and join us to protest against the horrors of this company.

Over veiw of Sequani........Sequani Limited are a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) that test pharmaceutical drugs, chemical compounds and medical devices on animals.
Tests that are carried out at Sequani include acute toxicity tests, reproduction toxicology tests, carcinogenicity tests, mutagenicity tests and repeat dose toxicology tests.

Among the animal ‘test models‘ that Sequani imprison and experiment on are beagle dogs, rabbits, genetically stunted pigs known as ‘minipigs’, transgenic mice, chinese hamsters, rats and guinea pigs. These animals know no other life than that of which their captors have chosen for them, ‘a life of imprisonment, misery, suffering, fear and death’.

Behind the steel gates, CCTV cameras and ten foot high fences at Sequani, cruel and uneccessary experiments are carried out on animals. This place is shrouded in secrecy, except on occasion when it is possible to hear the dogs barking for their freedom near to the back of the complex where they are held.

Each individual animal life held within this hellhole is just a number, a statistic within this disgusting industry. Computer data is the only memory that is logged confirming that these animals, these individuals, these families, even existed. Imprisoned, tortured and annihilated by evil people in the name of a fraudulent science that destroys the lives of both animals and humans.

Gemma, Helen, John and Holly

Concerned Citizens