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Highgate Farm Protest Camp - Tuesday's Timeline

SHAC | 28.07.2009 23:04 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Sheffield

Tuesday's pictures
Tuesday's pictures

Tuesday, 28th July

Campers are getting ready to go to bed. The police have brought in a riot van to sleep in, everything is still good natured and positive, although it has started to rain.

A police helicopter has been hovering over the camp. It has now left and the campers are preparing a BBQ.

The council have been down to the farm, threatening to go to court and evict the camp in the morning. Activists are determined to stay and exercise their right to protest. We don't give in that easily!

Ian Caswell from South Yorkshire FIT team has been lurking around the camp trying to snap some shots for his activists Top Trumps collection. The camp is still in full swing, but if you are able to get down there extra numbers would be appreciated.

The weather is looking amazing, and everyone is up and about again after a good nights rest. The police and Geoffrey Douglas may not have had such a good nights sleep, as for some reason the police thought they should spend the whole night parked on his drive with the place lit up like a christmas tree.

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