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Highgate Farm Protest Camp - Monday's Timeline

SHAC | 28.07.2009 01:10 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Sheffield

Monday, 27th July

The camp is winding down for the night, with police guarding both the camp and the farm. More updates to come in the morning. If you are able, please get to the farm - the camp mobile (07941184529) will be answered all through the night and you are welcome to turn up at any time day or night and for any period of time.

An officer from Stafford police has arrived at the camp, expressing concerns that it may be the beginning of "the new Newchurch". He has been begging campers not to visit the farm during the night.

The police have been asking campers if they know who has been putting up Highgate Farm posters in the local villages. None of the activists have left the camp all day, so it seems to be locals following the media interest. This is backed up by the great response we have had so far. Thank you for your support!

The local TV news crew has just left the site. With a glorious summers day, everyone is upbeat and happy. The activists are happy, the locals are happy, the press are happy, even the police seem happy... but Mr Geoffrey Douglas, owner of Highgate Rabbit Farm, doesn't seem too happy, as he was spotted earlier screaming into his phone, despite the camp being completely peaceful.

TV news crew are on their way to the camp to interview the protesters about the cruelty at Highgate Farm and HLS.

The Market Rasen Mail has run a positive article on the camp on their website:

The sun is shining on the camp, and so are the local residents! Loads of local support so far, as well as press coming down to do interviews.

Local police are back on site. Everything is very good natured and several more activists have joined the camp.

The Chief Inspector of Lincolnshire police has been to visit the camp. No issue so far, the atmosphere of the camp is very peaceful and upbeat, and the police have offered campers refreshments. More activists are on the way to boost numbers, if you can join them please contact the camp mobile number: 07941184529.

Activists have occupied land near the entrance of Highgate Rabbit Farm in protest against their breeding of rabbits and ferrets for the vivisection industry. They supply several university and commercial laboratories, including Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). The campers are holding a peaceful occupation of the land, calling on the closure of the farm, and for the farmer Geoffrey Douglas to hand the animals over to a suitable organisation for rehoming.

If you can make it to the camp for any period of time, please ring the camp number: 07941184529
The farm is located at: Highgate Farm, Highgate lane, Normanby-by-Spital, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, LN8 2HQ
Map and directions:

There are several ways you can support the action:

• You can telephone the farm on: 01673 878259 and 01673 878 232.
• You can attend the camp to protest - whether it is for an hour, a day or a week your presence would be greatly appreciated.
* You can write to the farm at the address above.
* You can attend the national protest on the 26th September (Details:

Please keep all communications to the farm informative and polite. The purpose of your correspondence is to urge them to stop breeding animals for vivisection, and to allow the animals to be rehomed.

- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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