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Vestas Workers Speak Out

Vestas Solidarity | 21.07.2009 12:23 | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | Workers' Movements | South Coast | World

A statement released by the workers in occupation at the Vestas wind turbine blade factory in Newport, on the Isle of Wight.

Demo outside the factory 5pm today!

” As workers at a wind turbine manufacturer, we were confident that as the recession took hold that green or renewable energy would be the area where many jobs could be created – not lost.

So we were horrified to find out that our jobs were moving abroad and that more than 525 jobs from the Isle of Wight and Southampton were going to be added to the already poor state of island unemployment.

This has sent, and will continue to send, shockwaves of uncertainty through countless families on the island – many of which are being forced to relocate away from the island.

We find this hard to stomach as the government are getting away with claiming they are investing heavily in these types of industry.

Only last week they said they would create 400,000 green jobs. How can the process start with 600 of us losing our jobs?

Now I’m not sure about you but we think it’s about time that if the government can spend billions bailing out the banks – and even nationalise them – then surely they can do the same at Vestas.

The people of Vestas matter, and the people of the island matter, but equally importantly the people of this planet matter. We will not be brushed under the carpet by a government which is claiming to help us.

We have occupied our factory and call on the government to step in and nationalise it. We and many others believe it is essential that we continue to keep our factory open for our families and livelihoods, but also for the future of the planet.

We call on Ed Miliband as the relevant minister to come to the island and tell us to our face why it makes sense for the government to launch a campaign to expand green energy at the same moment at the country’s only major wind turbine producer closes.

Please show your support!

Protest at Newport Vestas at 5pm today [off Dondor Lane - Monks Brook Newport, Isle Of Wight, PO30 5WZ]

Demonstrate Friday 24th of July Friday 5.30pm St. Thomas square Newport”

Vestas Solidarity
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