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destruction of calais migrant camps planned for next week

migration is not a crime | 14.07.2009 22:57 | Migration | Repression | Social Struggles | World

rumours of destruction of 'the jungle', migrant's camps in calais are looking likely for early next week

Following the announcement from Frech and Uk immigration
ministers, (Besson and Woolas) last week about £15million more to
strengthen the border, the news from Calais is that the destruction of
these camps is being planned by the French authorities and could happen as
soon as Tuesday 21st July, 2009. We call for an immediate stop to these
plans, they would serve to traumatise people and destroy the few
possessions that they have and will NOT solve the problem of people
migrating through Calais. The brutalisation of people
in Calais must be exposed to international attention and solidarity. The right wing media
and the anti-immigration, racist policies that it spreads can not be
allowed to dominate this debate.

more info to follow

migration is not a crime
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15.07.2009 13:56

Ant-immigration is equivalent to racism. We are not all rabid lefties.


Urgent action required

15.07.2009 18:50

Checkout for information for action

Please act now. We are calling for phone and email blockades of the French Embassy in London; Phil Woolas, UK Immigration Minister; the French Interior Ministry. All contacts at the end of this message.

We are calling for these targets as the UK Border starts in Calais – both the French and British states are implicitly involved in any attacks (legal or otherwise) that are launched against migrants in Calais. As the burning and destruction of the migrant camp at Patras in Greece shows, EU states now have little to fear in their attacks against migrants, as popular support for the far-right in the European elections shows. We need to show them otherwise. Of course, any other direct action is welcomed.

No Borders! No Nations!

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french consulate in manchester

18.07.2009 19:47

If people cant get to london and want to do solidarity actions the following are based in manchester.

Sunley Tower, Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester M1. Tel: 0161-236 7949.

188 Oxford Road, Manchester M13. Tel: 0161-273 1523.

Davis Blank Furniss Solicitors – Mr Guy Robson
90 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2QJ. Tel: 0161 832 3304.

downing it in the north

Help with a wall...

21.07.2009 09:57

Please show your support by volunteering to build a wall to help keep the immigrants out and preserve the fragile welfare state which British people have faught tooth-and-nail for, and died for, only for it now to be swamped by immigrants from all over the world.

The vast majority of these immigrants will not create any benefit to the UK socio-economic fabric, their only demand is that they come in and abuse everything which they possibly can.

The above is fact, and not fiction. I used to be quite a socialist during younger years, however it galls me that I have seen the reality of society particularly in relation to the impact of unregulated, uncontrolled, irresponsible lefty immigration. The population of the UK is set to rise to 70 million people by 2028 (19years from now). DO we have the capacity to accommodate such an influx of individuals irrespective of any skill base they may have...? Of course not.

Stop the Rot now!