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Interview with Alex from the seized Spirit of Humanity

ftp | 09.07.2009 20:09 | Palestine | World

Alex was one of the 21 people on board the Spirit of Humanity, a small ship that was sailing from Larnaca to Gaza, with a stock of supplies of items such as paper and pens which are on the Israeli list of prohibited items, not allowed into Gaza which remains blockaded six months after the horrors of Operation Cast Lead.

Free Gaza 21: Alex - mp3 31M

Alex recounts the experience of being on the boat and being held in Immigration detention centres in Israel. Despite the Israeli State claiming that it unilaterally disengaged from Gaza in 2005, the boat was seized as it entered Gazan territorial waters.

Last year 5 boats from the Free Gaza movement were succesful in reaching Gaza, and during the invasion over the new year, a number of Free Gaza passengers were able to work with ambulance crews, and were able to bear witness to the atrocities. Israel excluded mainstream journalists, who were all consigned to a hillside, where they could see nothing.

The mainstream media in the US and UK have virtually ignored this story, despite the fact that a boat containing people of 10 different nationalities were kidnapped at sea and the passengers and crew subjected to incarceration in a third country, where they had been taken by gunpoint.

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Interview with American Free Gaza 21 activists

10.07.2009 20:01

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