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English Defence League is BNP front group

Antifa Intel | 06.07.2009 16:41 | Anti-racism

The recent demonstrations by so-called concerned patriots under the banner English Defence League (EDL) is a front group set-up by BNP activists in a move to occupy the growing anti-muslim extremism in certain cities in the UK.

This move to "cash-in" on the activity of the United British Alliance and March for England provides the BNP activists with a fertile recruitment ground. The website for the english defence league,,
was set-up by BNP member and activist Chris Renton on June 19th.

For all the bullshit coming out of EDL (and March for England for that matter) that they aren't racists is just a ploy for them not to be targetted by anti-fascists. In fact some anarchists have taken a cautious approach towards them for the reason that anti-islamism is not a racist position. However it is important to note that the reformation of fascism is reflective of a contemporary context whereby popular notions of the defence of freedoms and liberties can be recuperated to build authoritarian movements. There is NOTHING which distinguishes the politics of the BNP and white nationalism and the most extreme forms of islamism. They represent the same threat to progressive and self-organised tendencies of the working class. In the same way that the Islamic Republic of Iran has posed itself against the interests of the working class, the BNP's ethno-nationalism christianity poses a similar threat.

It is our role as anti-fascists of the revolutionary sense to educate ourselves on the underlining strategies of our enemies, seen as a potential vehicle for regeneration by certain sections of the ruling class, and prepare ourselves for increasing confrontation. This can be only done from within our class, as part of a class action.

Antifa Intel


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