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After Calais Noborder Camp - What's Next?

noborders | 29.06.2009 08:55 | COP15 Climate Summit 2009 | Climate Chaos | Migration | Social Struggles | World

Here you can find information on upcomig protests related to the of migration; against borders - for the freedom of movement.

Climate Action Camp, 3.-9. August 2009

The aspects of climate change on the rise of refugees was part of the discussion on the Noborder camp in Calais. It may be continued in Notre Dame des Landes.

Actionweek against deportations in Germany, 24.-30. August 2009

Decentralised actions to paralyse the deportation system. Blockades, demonstrations, visits of agencies and creative actions.

Lesvos Noborder camp, 25.-31. August 2009

Camp on the island of Lesvos, Greece, which is not far away from the Turkish coast.

Noborder Camp in Turkey, September 2009

Activists from Turkey will organise an Noborder Camp few days after the Lesvos Noborder camp at the Turkish site of the Aegean sea.

Amed Camp, 28.-30. September 2009

International meeting amongst Kurdish, Turkish and European grassroot activists. It will take place in the scope of the Mesopotamian Social Forum (MSF) in Amed/ North Kurdistan.

International Gathering for the Free Movement of Persons, 1.-4. October 2009

Four days of discussions and workshops in Barcelona on the struggle against borders and migrant detention camps. Focussing on resistance inside the detention camps, active solidarity from the outside and Europe’s borders.

Turn off the Stockhom Programme, Nov/Dez 2009

The EU plans a new five year programme to manage migration, build up more repression against foreigners and surveillance of all citizens. Direct actions are called against the summits in Stockholm and Brussels and across Europe.

Against COP15 summit on climate change, December 2009

During the protests in Copenhagen there will be a focus on the topic of climate change and migration.



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