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Transnational NoBorders Demo, Calais - Pics

Fil Kaler | 28.06.2009 13:10 | Migration | World

Around 2000 people demonstrated yesterday in the French port of Calais calling for the freedom of movement for all and the abolition of migration controls.


Fil Kaler
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29.06.2009 08:04

freedom to move?? No I cannot afford it whether you remove these borders or not. if you remove nation state borders ( as I assume you do not have the power to move geography ) do you think private armies and your global slave force will disappear? or will you just be playing in to the hands of the Transglobal companies. ( capitalism without borders ). What is your agenda? honestly.

landed spooks

Our Agenda

01.07.2009 17:50

You talk about the practicality of open borders, but in truth border control is a fairly new thing. Sure we want to abolish the state and it's standing armies, but this isn't the point of this camp. the point of "No Borders", is to have what is promised to us by Democracy. that is, that we are equal in the eyes of the law regardless of our ethnic background or financial one. that we are treated with dignity and respect everywhere, and that we are free to live our lives the way we want to and where ever we want to.

It is more practical to have an open border then to have border control, as we are seeing every day. the illusion of border control just makes it harder to pass, it does not make it impossible. nor can it make it impossible.A British born has no more right for a decent life in the UK then anyone else who seeks it, in fact being born in privilege he probably has less moral ground for a decent life. if you factor in the fact that our wealth is in fact stolen by generations of imperialism and financial domination, you'll begin to understand that we have NO RIGHT to live in this relative comfort.

It isn't unpractised to have opened borders, it is essential if we want to continue calling ourselves a democracy, and if we want to consider ourselves to be compassionate human beings!

Migration is in the heart of human civilisation, out forefathers came here from Africa, and their forefathers migrated from the oceans. constricting the freedom of movement is like constraining evolution itself! this is more fundamental then the "state". it is our essence of being human.

even if we had a fair and equal world, a world with no wars and hunger, there will still be those who choose to migrate (albeit less), movement and development is part of human nature, without it we would all be an inbred mesh. just take a look at any BNP member and you'll see what I mean. ideas move, they move with people, where as goods are moved by people, how can it be that the wealth and goods of the world are allowed to move and propagate here, whilst people cannot?

Tear down borders, every one of them, allow equal chance for everyone to reach his/her our potential where ever they choose to, because these are the rights you'd expect for yourself. we are all world citizens, and we are all deserving an equal chance in this life.

Anon - but not THE anon