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Motorway blocked by Calais Noborder Campers

camper | 26.06.2009 19:10 | Migration | South Coast

Just now, at 8pm UK time, a few people from the Calais NoBorder camp have blocked the motorway that goes alongside the camp.

A helicopter was already flying over the camp and is now above the blockade, and riot cops have turned up and shot tear gas on the camp.

A traffic jam has already formed due to the riot cops standing on the road and blocking the traffic even though the people who blocked the road have already left the motorway.



motorway now cleared up

26.06.2009 20:07

At 9pm UK time, the road was cleared up and traffic restored. Atmosphere is again relaxed in the camp.


The Welsh No Borders News feed is great!

26.06.2009 21:27

Regular updates from the Camp.



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