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NoBorder Calais Friday 26.06.2009

NoBorder | 26.06.2009 17:30 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression

This is a short summary of the Friday, 2606.2009 on the No Border camp.

Lots of things happen at the same time at different places so if you ve got something to add please write a comment.

Pictures | Video from the Police ath the Camp | Video from the Lock on action early in the morning

Early in the morning one person locked himself to the town halls porch.

Unfortunatelly the police seems to be quite well prepared for this kind of actions and the person was cut off the door pretty soon.

At around 3 pm the police partially closed the camp and the entry was denied to activists and visitors.

An hour later more police forces arrived and some of the activists gathered.

The activists were chanting slogans like "No Border No Nation" "Police pour tout - Justice nulle pas" etc.

Until 7 pm there have not been seriouse confrontations. The migrants, who in big numbers participate in the camp, remain astonishingly relaxed. In fact they are the ones who are primarily threatened by the police presence.

Meanwhile on the camp the radio started its transmission and the cinema is showing documentaries. People are playing soccer and a workshop about the situation in the detention camp and the No Border Camp in Lesvos took place. The kitchen provided awesome food for lunch and is right now preparing the dinner for everyone.

Thanks to all the Volunteers.



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No borders?

26.06.2009 20:24

Do you seriously think it would be a good idea to have no borders? I'm not against migration of people but if our borders were completely open, a huge ammount of people would come to this country. When we already have such a strained housing sittuation, NHS, schools, jobs etc. It would be a recipe for disaster. Would it also not be a gift for the capitalist masters. get us all into one place, cause disorder and the need for more police, more prisons, etc.


NHS wouldnt work otherwise

26.06.2009 21:58

Dear Rod,
Ive just had to to go to hospital recently...I was born in england and my parents are english, but i can tell you from experience that if the BNP had there way there wouldnt be an NHS. Fact of the matter is the NHS, is because it so comprehensive, needs more doctors, nurses, porters, cleaners and everybody else that makes it what is.every doctor i saw wasnt born in this country IF THE BNP GOT IN THE NHS WOULD DIE BECAUSE THE BEST HEALTHCARE OPERATIVES WOULD BE DEPORTED

a geezer who spent some time in nhs hospital

Re: No Borders?

26.06.2009 22:30

There is a division between the rich, who are allowed to migrate, and the poor who face restrictions. We don’t generally feel like there is anything wrong with western people being allowed to migrate to poorer countries. So shouldn’t the poor be allowed to move here?

In the free trade model currently dominating the global economy, there are few restrictions of the movement of goods but vast restrictions on the movement of people. Our corporations are allowed to exploit the workers and natural resources of poor majority world countries. Lax regulations of workers rights and the prohibition of trade unions are common in a bid to attract western corporations.
It is western countries that first became industrialized and contributed to climate chaos. Our rampant consumerism is destroying the planet yet it is the world’s poor with less access to shelter and proper medical care that will pay the price. Climate change will probably cause many more seek asylum here in the future.
In 2008, the UK exported weapons to 11 of the 21 countries identified by the Foreign Office as ‘major areas of concern’ with respect to human rights. In 2007 we sold arms to 11 countries identified as being involved in at least one major conflict. [] Arms exports prolong conflict – in modern warfare the casualties are overwhelmingly civilian.
Considering the damage western corporations cause to the global south , it’s hardly surprising that so many people seek to leave their country or origin.

Ms Anne Thropy

No Borders or BNP?

27.06.2009 10:42

"a geezer who spent some time in nhs hospital"

Just because I don't believe in No Borders doesn't mean I support the view of the BNP. I believe in immigration and see the benefits to the NHS, the economy, etc. I just don't see that an open border would be wise.


a geezer who spent some tim in hosital

27.06.2009 11:12

dear rod,
theres millions of british people live abroad fact 300, 000 left last year and 350, 000 turned up here.....leaves a total of what goes to see liverpool each week.....which is fuck all
(no offence to liverpool) compared to the bullshit that is said about them in the press....IF YOU WANNA LIVE IN A WHITE ONLY ZONE COUNT ME OUT...YOU DUMBARSE

a geezer who spent some time in hospital

a geezer who spent some time in hospital - name calling, how mature

27.06.2009 12:55

Where did I say anything about wanting to live in a white only country? My missus and half my friends would be gone if that were the case. I'd better spell it out as you seem a little simple. I'm not a racist. I oppose the BNP. I am not against immigration but I don't believe in having open borders and I haven't seen a case for it.


no one is illegal

27.06.2009 13:12

seeing as capital can go transnational it should follow that people could as well. as hospital said theres millions of british people living all over the world (1m plus in spain alone) would they have to leave there too?

anti fascist

@a geezer who spent some time in hospital

29.06.2009 22:43

crikey. you really are totally incapable of any sort of intelligent response aren't you.

Rod didn't say he wanted to live in a "white only country".

He didn't say he supported the BNP, and i don't think his comments implied that he did.

i do loads of work with asylum seekers, the way they are treated in this country is an absolute fucking disgrace, and i campaign hard to change that and do what i can to offer on-the-ground support - but, if i had to be honest, i still do not believe in totally free and unlimited migration around the world for all - and unfortunately the dogmatic, slightly fascistic approach that *some* (not all) activists are going down really is stifling any sort of intelligent debate on these issues.

so, in a way, thanks to you, Hospital Geezer - you've illustrated for me very nicely the frustration i've felt for a while now trying to discuss immigration with certain folk involved with No Borders. it boils down to a total unwillingness to engage in debate.

anti-dogma, pro-debate