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Latest No Borders scare story

(A) Sab x | 26.06.2009 07:38 | Other Press

Read below for the latest crap slung out by the Daily Mail (faithfully reproduced in the Metro) about the NoBorder camp.
This is a huge debate to be had, but I am pretty sick of them saying what they want with no reprisals - one of the better aspects of climate camp is their willingness to attack media lies, forcing many retractions/apologies etc - maybe the same is needed here. If the press knew they would be challenged on every ridiculous lie printed about the anarchist movement, they may be a little more hesitant to print them. Anyways, the article is re-posted below -

French riot police have arrested 47 anarchists after they threatened to lead swarms of illegal migrants through the Channel Tunnel to Britain.

Weapons including machetes, metal poles and a spiked club were found hidden by the activists during raids in Calais late on Wednesday.

Some of those arrested had been massing in a protest camp aimed at helping the migrants to ‘tear down the borders’ to England .

Protesters belonging to the anarchist group No Borders are massing in Calais
Enlarge Police position themselves close to the entrance of the Channel Tunnel
More than 800 elite CRS riot-control officers are in the town, with another 1,200 on standby in the immediate vicinity.
A tense atmosphere has gripped the port all week, with a spotter helicopter circling overhead, roads blocked, and mobile police patrols circulating constantly.

A local policeman spokesman confirmed that 17 of the arrests had been made in the vicinity of the camp, where officers were using stop and search tactics.

He added: ‘Those detained face a range of public order offences including carrying offensive weapons. Others were carrying drugs.

‘Many hundreds are massing in the town, ready for a widescale demonstration against immigration control on Saturday. All vulnerable targets are being guarded. We can take no chances.’
Of the arrested protesters, another 30 had chained themselves to the Lesquin detention centre in Calais and had to be cut free before being taken away.

All the protestors are from a group calling itself ‘No Borders’, which has pledged to ‘tear down the borders’ stopping migrants getting across the Channel.

Siege fears: A protester paints placards yesterday as hundreds more arrived and threatened to destroy the fences preventing illegal immigrants coming to Britain
As their tents and marquees were pitched on an official site to the east of Calais, some of the 2,000 odd migrants sleeping rough in the Calais area began to join them.

Local authorities in Calais have gained an official order preventing anyone buying or possessing anything which might be used as a weapon – including substances which can start fires or be used to make Molotov cocktails.

They said they had received email threats by protesters pledging to destroy wire fences and other security measures around the Channel Tunnel .

There have also been threats to burn ‘symbols of capitalism’ including local government offices, and even hotels run by prominent global chains.

Local prefect Pierre de Bosquet said that 2,000 CRS officers were in the vicinity of the town, along with a squadron of mounted officers.

Mr De Bosquet said police intelligence had revealed plans for wide scale violence.

Last month Natacha Bouchart, the mayor of Calais, said the UK ’s lax asylum system and benefits culture had ‘imposed’ thousands of illegal migrants on her town.

In a blistering attack in which she also called for millions in compensation, Mrs Bouchart said the UK was entirely to blame for the those who use the port as a staging point.

Mrs Bouchart, a member of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s ruling UMP Party, even called for border controls to be lifted to allow all migrants to flood across the Channel at the earliest opportunity.

Such views are heartily supported by the militants organising the ‘No Border’ demonstrations.

(A) Sab x


A response to the Media coverage of the Camp by Simon

27.06.2009 14:45

Media, police, city hall, prefecture: all together to feed the psychosis of a terrorist invasion. Would the authorities not have something to fear from the solidarity that the organisation of such an event inevitably entails?

You are the Mayor of a city that will host for one week a major event on an issue that directly affects your town. What do you do? Bouchart (UMP) has the answer: cancel cultural activities, call the cops on reinforcement, postpone the municipal council, kill life in the city, give alarmist interviews while putting pressure on all organisations in Calais, and especially not meet No Border sending "anonymous emails, i.e. say signed by the name of the collective.

"I do not know who you are talking about [...] it's signed "No Border". We do not know who is who, we cannot identify."

No way either to cross the road between the town hall and the House of Culture where gathered the organising committee. "Within this movement, that may appear as" Peace and love", there are anarchists [...] Given the mindset of these people, we can be expecting anything." Anything? The tone is given...

Police everywhere / Justice nowhere

On the side of the prefecture things are clear: a good cargo of CRS (between 1000 and 2000 parked at the camp Jules Ferry), mobs of BAC cops in plain clothes cowboy like (anti-criminality brigade) and search-shit GR (general information) who will occupy Calaisiens hotels specially requisitioned. Pierre de Bousquet de Florient (note) does not trust '"we can well see that those with whom we talk either do not keep their commitments, or do not want to keep them." This refers to the organisers' refusal of the ground that had already been booked by travel people, something that the prefect had "failed" to specify. Yet it is "of good will", and his statements show that he has "absolutely no illusions about the intentions of the organisers." Indeed.

"All the papers we receive are signed "No Border" but, for me No Border equals "Nobody" Humour .... "It's never the same persons who negotiate with us. They are often advanced pawns. The real decision makers, we never see." And paranoia….a structure without hierarchy, that's definitely too much!

And this one: "The event is declared under false names, false identities. [...] What fears do they have to declare their event?" . Perhaps a distrust vis-à-vis the cops and judges accustomed to jail at the slightest pretext? At a negotiating meeting, the sub-prefect warned especially "Above all, do not respond to police provocation," This sais it all!

Note: the migrants detained in administrative detention center of Coquelles have been transferred for the occasion. Indeed, to siege Retention centers to demand the liberation of the people in exile, is the kind of "ultra violent excesses" that participants of No Border could be capable of.

Pressure at will

On the side of the civilian society, itss confusion. Some humanitarian organisations are wary of the "politicisation" of migration (note). Others fear the reaction of the Mayor in case of participation in the project : in that case farewell to grants! (…)

Subtle Positioning

We know the speed with which the Greens and the Human rights Leage (LDH) denounce repressive policies in press releases that do not engage in anything. However, the elected representative of the Greens and the representative of LDH quietly disapprove of No Border in the North Coast news paper (note). Contacted by us, they have not been given any sing of death or shame? If the associations that support people without papers in Calais did not sign the appeal of the No Border (note), some have come to support it publicly (note) while the number of activists have joined as individuals in organizing the event.

The media go on crusade

Media side, full pages are given to the authorities enjoying enjoying "ultra-violent excesses", without any opponents without checking the facts; there is free speen on cops' and spies' favourite choice subjects: security, order, violence and threat . The description of the No Border network are almost laughable: " international small groups with anarchist sensitivity ", "Greenpeace of Immigration", "mercenaries of the anti-imperialism", "babas cools peace or thugs? "Network of clandestine ultra-left", "left wing extremist group anarchist" ... When questioning North Coast newspaper, he sais: "It was provocation so that people of the No Border react". A real professional ...

La Voix du Nord wins the prize with its title: "The no border camp, a no rights area." The journalist let himself free and wrote: "these activists [...] lock themselves in, retreat, in isolation and determine a zone of lawlessness." He adds: "obviously, everything is made to live in isolation."

Why so much hate? Because the press is invited to stay outside the camp, so as the cops. The reasons? Firstly, a press card does not give all rights. Secondly, the camp works in working groups and collegial meetings, it is therefore important to protect one selves from cookies. Thirdly, when journalists will actually do their job, we'll talk again.

To be noted: he and his colleagues kindly remain on the doorstep when the meetings of ministers and boards of directors are held in secret. Yet this however concerns millions of people's lives. So? When authority speaks, guard dogs lie down.

Psychotic maniac

This series of security devices, and underground media and devices creates certain uneasiness. Gridlines of police forces, the Mayor's and prefecture's recurrent interventions on the "ultra-violence", dozens of articles that the local media write not on the event itself, but on its supposed dangers ... Le's note here that No Border camps are an opportunity to create a power struggle with the authorities, including through direct action (sit-ins, blocking) and create a meeting with migrant populations, etc.).. Contrary to the position "humanitarian" work constantly in the negotiation, this is to show a clear opposition, not against people but against repressive, xenophobic and ultra-violent "policies.

Quotes taken from the La Voix du Nord, North Littoral and Nord Eclair, newspapers owned by the empire Rossel (which also includes The Independent, Lille Plus, Nouvelle Côte d'Opale, etc..) + Info: La Brique No. 12.


* Prefect of Pas-de-Calais region, former head of the DST, co-prince of Andorra from 1997 to 1999 (it's not a joke) and involved in the Clearstream affair.
* BAC: anti-crime brigade.
* RG: General Information.

- Homepage:


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