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Border problems - no chance for the Afghani people in Calais

Ali | 25.06.2009 19:10 | History | Migration | World

My name is Ali. I'm from Afghanistan. Now we live in the "Jungle", how we call the woods around Calais, were we're forced to live. We request support from the English people. The border is very hard. No one pass to England. The English government should tell the government of France to open the border.

Police arrest Afghani people in Calais
Police arrest Afghani people in Calais

If France do not open the border, Afghani people are forced to go to another country. Now we can not go to Afghanistan, because everywhere Taliban explosion the bombs. It is very difficult for us. We lived in Afghanistan.

I'm, Ali. My father and mother died in Afghanistan. Now we are 600 Afghani people living in the "Jungle". 10 of them are crazy because of difficult condition. No water, no food, no security... Please help with Afghani people.

Thank you.

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Dear Ali

26.06.2009 20:18

Stay strong and keep hope alive. So many people want you to have the priviledged, safe life that we had the luck to be born into. We did nothing to deserve this luck and you did nothing to deserve the situation you find yourself in now.
As you can see by the ignorant poster above, many people think they can go on exploiting and excluding others forever. I know the capitalist system makes people hard, greedy and unfeeling, but many of us believe in an different way of living - one where you and I can move freely and meet in safety. Bon courage!