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"Be The Media!" at Glastonbury

JimDog* | 25.06.2009 16:07 | Animal Liberation | Culture | Indymedia

Maybe not to everyone's tastes, but this years Glastonbury Festival is in full swing and Indymedia is there to cover the goings on that are relevant to the activist community and to reach out to get people involved and excited about participating in Indymedia collectives around the country. A mobile "Be the media" centre has been provided by the Northern Indymedia collective at the Veggies Catering Campaign pitch in the green futures field and will be running alt-media workshops throughout the weekend in conjunction with IMC Nottinghamshire. Don't hate the media, BE THE MEDIA!

Indymedia at Glastonbury
Indymedia at Glastonbury

Now in their 25th year of campaigning for a vegan lifestyle and reaching out to all comers with free Vegan food days, catering for a wide variety of events and generally filling peoples tums, the Veggies Catering Campaign has kindly given over their campaigning space to Indymedia this year, to provide a "be the media" space and skillshares to anyone with an interest in promoting and participating in Indymedia in the UK.

The Northern IMC collective have brought with them a bike-powered generator, computer equipment, internet connectivity and a whopping great solar panel to ensure that anyone who has news that they need to get out, who hasn't got a voice elsewhere, can stand up and be counted.

The site here is full of campaigners from a wide variety of backgrounds, working for real grassroots, radical change. A lot of focus when people are talking about Glastonbury festival tends to go on the corporate, commercial aspect of it all, but a large amount of space at the festival is given over to campaigns of all kinds.

Most notably this year is an entire field that has been given to the Climate Camp, which is now packed with tents and people discussing ways to use direct action and community outreach to make a real and noticeable difference in the fight against runaway climate chaos. Several members of the London Indymedia Collective are helping to organise the event here and are actively outreaching to people for the big event this year, the annual Climate Camp.

Also of note is that this years Climate Camp is not going to have the satellite broadcast equipment that the Psand folks have provided in previous years, and so the "Be the media" facility that IMC Northern/Notinghamshire have brought to this years festival is a demonstration of the kind of thing people need to start thinking about organising for themselves in connection with their local neighbourhoods and nearest IMC collective.

Anyone who is attending this years' festival who would like to know more about citizen journalism, Indymedia or just want a good GMO free vegan meal, are encouraged to come find us at the Veggies cafe in the Green Futures field over the Old Railway Track.

Over the course of the weekend, there will be more updates and pictures from Glastonbury, Veggies and the Climate Camp field so keep an eye out for them, but for now here are some pictures to show you all what you are missing! Again, anyone with an interest in being the media, come find Indymedia at the Veggies Catering Campaign pitch, just inside the Green Futures field underneath the giant upside-down McDonalds sign!

Read it, write it, do it!!!

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Some more snaps of Veggies & Climate Camp

27.06.2009 20:49

Here are a few more shots of Veggies in the Greenfields and Climate Camp. Very interesting article.