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Tamils March for Release of Prisoners

Peter Marshall | 23.06.2009 19:11 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Pictures from Saturday's British Tamils Forum march in London. Pictures Copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved

It was certainly a large and impressive march, led by a 'barbed wire' square of people held by prison guards representing the internment camps in Sri Lanka where around 300,000 Tamils are imprisoned under appalling conditions after the military defeat of the LTTE (Tamil Tigers.)

The BBC said there were 20,000 marchers but I think there were probably at least twice that. When I reached Trafalgar Square with its head, I overheard a police message saying that demonstrators were still leaving Park Lane, about 2km back.

Many of those taking part wore black, remembering 50,000 or more Tamils who have been killed in the recent conflict. Some carried photographs of dead or disappeared relatives.

The protesters handed in a letter at Downing Street calling for the immediate release of all prisoners, for full access for humanitarian aid and for the prosecution of the Sri Lanka President, Defence Minister and Army Chief for war crimes.

They also continue to demand a separate Tamil Homeland, Tamil Eelam, in Sri Lanka, and many carried the Tamil Eelam national flag which uses the LTTE tiger symbol. Tamils very much feel that they have been let down by the UN, the international community in general and Britain in particular as the ex-colonial power, and seem justified in doing so.

You can see more pictures from the march on My London Diary:

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The Numbers Game

24.06.2009 01:04

We are back to a numbers game again.
How many marched this time?

BBC's estimate is probably more aggressive a lie than their 'expert' prediction that Tamils will not march in large numbers after the unreported event of January 31.
On that cold day there were more than this one. BBBC originally did not cover it until forced by humble efforts by Tamils making it into Sky News. So more than a day late BBC news website covered it under south asia section.

20,000! Compared to the main feature's estimate either IMC or BBC have to close shop.

Let us remember the blood on our media's hands is very real.
We parroted many times the Sri Lankan government's figures that there were only 70,000 civilians trapped in the war zone. But somehow almost 300,000 turned up in camps after about 50,000 dead!

Lies Lies Lies! Never ending lies! Even a march in central London is not reported properly.

March Spotter