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Sri Lankan president attracts protestors to Lord's

Richard | 21.06.2009 15:04

The hardline president o Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse makes a surprise visit to the 20-20 tournament finals at Lord's cricket ground.
Few protesters outside.
Mahinda Rajapakse has been cited indirectly by many global leaders as one of few who should be investigated for war crimes by Sri Lanka in recent times.

I jumped off the bus to inquire what was going (about 2 hrs ago)

There were few Tamil protesters and a lots of police.

Apparently the protest will continue till 6 pm.

A bigger number of protesters were expected. I promised to upload to Indymedia (apologies for being a bit late)

Hope the suffering in Sri Lanka comes to an end sooner than later.



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  1. I remember"smears"& stories about tamil tiger tactics, this is a good — Green syndicalist
  2. 2nd hand report — it's not cricket